Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 არის ალბათ საუკეთესო ოპერაციული სისტემა ორგანიზაციებისთვის. კორპორატიულ კლიენტებს უღირთ მიაქციონ ყურადღება ამ გადაწყვეტილებას რამდენიმე მიზეზის გამო, და ეს არ არის მხოლოდ ჩვეული ინტერფეისის შედეგი. სისტემის ძირითადი ნაწილი მოიცავს თითქმის ყველა იმ ინსტრუმენტს, რომელიც ბიზნესს სჭირდება, კერძოდ, უსაფრთხოება, კონფიდენციალობა და მავნე პროგრამებისაგან დაცვა. OS- ის ინსტალირება და მართვა უფრო ადვილი გახდა, რაც ამცირებს IT ხარჯებს, მათ შორის Windows 7 და Windows 8- დან გადმოსვლისას.

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Deline is one of the leader local IT distributor-companies. Deline is a diversified distributor with extensive product profile. Since year 2007 it has been offering its dealers guaranteed quality of IT-production and high-level service. Deline doesn’t co-operate with end-users as its main aim is to promote local market and support IT companies in their development. As a result, the number of Deline’s loyal partners constantly increases and their mutual relationship is persistently growing and developing. At present, the network of Deline’s partners covers all Georgia and consists of a few hundred dealers. Deline gives preference to the client-oriented approach that covers: information and marketing support; credit lines; recommendations for product selection; status authorization by vendors; promo programs; seminars and conferences.
Right from the initial stage of its existence Deline has emphasized its main principles to be the delivery of only advanced products, guaranteed high-level service, long-term relationship and effective growth together with its partners. Deline cooperates with world-known IT vendors based on official distributor contracts with Hewlett-Packard, Acer, Microsoft, Symantec, Tripp Lite, Fujifilm, Panduit and some other brands. Being a local company, one of Deline’s major priorities is to assist IT market development as a whole. Taking into account Deline’s cooperation with the major IT vendors on the one hand and local dealer companies on the other, it can be stated that company’s goal - local IT market development and successful business for all parties –is being achieved. Since the time of its foundation, Deline has already accomplished a lot – starting from the company’s expansion at the local market, conclusion of contracts with the world-known brands and ending with the financial growth and company stability. Nevertheless, Deline still has many future plans and is ready for major completions and even more achievements. Deline is always open to new cooperation, partnership and investment and is ready to research new opportunities for more successful business in future